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Reblog If Thou art in the Yu-Gi-Oh fandom


I’m very curious. I feel like there’s only 50 of us but I know it’s not true….. So REBLOG PREEEEZZZZUUUUU



Hello friends!  I recently hit 1k on this blog, so I thought it would be nice if I could do a little giveaway!  Here are the rules:

You don’t have to follow me, but I’m a cycle blog that gives away free villagers, so if you’re interested, go ahead and follow!

Reblog this to enter!

It would be very kind if you downloaded Feature Points & added my code (RVVF6F), but of course that isn’t neccessary!

Here’s what you will win:

1st Place:

5 Million Bells!

10 Hybrids of your choice (That I have, of course!)

I’ll put you on a special waitlist for any one villager you’d like!

Boom Ticket Items

2nd Place:

2.5 Million Bells!

5 Hybrids of your choice (That I have!)

Special waitlist, as mentioned above!

3rd Place:

1 Million Bells

2 Hybrids of your choice (That I have)

Special waitlist, as mentioned above

GOOD LUCK EVERYONE!  The giveaway will end when this gets 500+ notes or October 4, whichever comes first!  I’ll use a random generator to choose the winners!  You must message me back within 24 hours otherwise I’ll have to choose someone else!


When you draw out of your comfort zone and post it.


When people like what you made and encourage you.


If I’m comfortable with you, I’ll:



  • call you names
  • tell you weird and personal details about myself
  • say “I NEED TO PEE” instead of just brb
  • type in caps a lot.

If i’m extra comfortable with you I’ll do all that and:

  • talk casually about porn and really perverted thoughts 
  • share funny photos from my tumblr dash
  • actually tell you when i’m upset 
  • try to make conversation with you 
  • just generally act really silly when I’m in a good mood
  • tell you jokes even if they’re bad